Thursday, 3 April 2008

Trip to Amsterdam

2 of my mates, Tommy and Rosco, my girlfriend and I flew out from Edinburgh Airport at 2pm on Thursday the 27 of March for 3 nights. I can't remember that much of it to be honest.
I do remember however, sitting in a pub in the red light district trying to convince Rosco to get a reach around from a skanky ho' (she wasn't actually that skanky to be fair) and then him falling off his stool and breaking the leg (of the stool).
You can see the photos on my flickr.
Most of the days were spent either in the coffeeshops or pubs.

Some of the coffeeshops we visited were

  • Rookies - purchased some Santa Maria
  • Stix - purchased some Bubblegum
  • The Seville - Played pinball and the machine broke

On the last night, before we went out, we had a game of cards while getting pissed up. You can see my funky victory dance below

You can't say I don't have mad skillz.

P.s. Rosco never did get his reach around. The romance was shattered as soon as we saw a guy wearing an anorak walk into her window and her closing the curtain after him.

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