Saturday, 21 June 2008

Setting up jUploadr for ubuntu

jUploadr is a nice little java application which allows you to upload photos to flickr, zooomr and any other photo sharing site you are a member of which allows api access. When you read the FAQs for linux, which are virtually non existent, it basically says that you have to run the application by typing the following into the command line.


This is a touch on the crappy side as many users may not be confident enough with command line working, It also means that you need to remember where you stored to directory and run cd to change to that directory.

It's much easier to add the application to the top panel and here's how you do it.
  • Download jUploadr for linux
  • Once you have extracted the contents of the tar file to your desktop, enter the following into your command line.
sudo mv jUploadr-1.1.2-linuxGTK-i386 /usr/bin/jUploadr-1.1.2-linuxGTK-i386

  • Note that jUploadr-1.1.2-linuxGTK-i386 should be changed to whatever the version you have is called. Run ls on your Desktop to find out and allow an easy copy and paste.
  • Right click on the top panel and select "add to panel"
  • Select "Custom Application Launcher"
  • The main bit here is to browse to the file "jUploadr" within the directory you just moved to /usr/bin.
  • Click on the little spring platform image and this lets you select the icon to chose. Navigate to the directory you just moved to /usr/bin and click open, you then have the choice of 3 image files to select.
  • There you go. Just click and this will open jUploadr.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Nominate Ubuntu for SourceForge's OSS award

SourceForge are holding their annual Community Choice Awards for open source software. I have nominated Ubuntu Linux. If you want to nominate Ubuntu as well, click the link below.

You can view last years winners and nominees here,

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Gmail displaying annoying error about full cache

When I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7, on Windows XP SP2, I started getting an error on gmail which says

Your browser's cache is full and may interfere with your Google Mail experience.

Since clearing my cache did not help in the slightest so I tried a few other things.

  • Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. make sure that “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” is unchecked.
  • Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History Settings, Change “Check for newer version of pages at every visit” to "automatically". This originally worked for me but then something happened on my laptop and then it started again.
  • The size of my cache was sitting at 1024MB so I lowered this to 250MB. (From Browsing History Settings again)
  • The final thing I tried ended up getting rid of the error. I added to the list of allowed sites.
  • Somewhere advised that deleting your temp Internet files and recreating it might help but I didn't try this, nor can I advise if it works.

If anyone has anything else that can be added please leave a comment and I'll add it in.

UPDATE: The message came back after adding to my list of allowed pop ups. After further rooting around I found that if you access gmail through using secure http the message disappears. As far as I'm aware you still need to go into your internet options on explorer and ensure that “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” is unchecked.

This poses a problem if you access your gmail through google toolbar however, google allows you to edit the xml behind the custom buttons such as gmail. Here's what you have to do in order to get your gmail button on your google toolbar pointing to

  • Click the settings button on your toolbar.
  • Click on "Custom Buttons"
  • Find the gmail option and click "Edit"
  • Click "Advanced"
  • Press ctrl + f and search for and change all instances to https://. There should be 3 urls you need to change.
  • If you like, you can change the message you get which tells you that you have new gmail. Search for or just and between the tags, put something like, "Hey bawbag! Check your email."

You can also do this "advanced edit" in forefox's google toolbar, however firefox doesn't cause gmail the confusion that internet explorer does.

UPDATE (again) - gmail now offers you the option under "settings", to always use https. Tick this option and this whole problem goes away which is good because the iGoogle gadget still takes you to the http: site.