Monday, 19 November 2007

We may have to use DokuWiki instead

It would appear that the server team doesn't want to support MySQL servers so MediaWiki might be out the window for the time being. Instead, we may use DokuWiki as our knowledge base. It saves all pages as text files so this will avoid the issue of MySQL not searching for 3 letter words which are an all too common occurrence in IT.


Giovanni R said...

I start use as my IT knowledgebase. Very usefull
Check it and try it!
Mine is but is still primitive and mix italian/english. I will try to work hard to organize it!

Bye Giorasta

Graham M said...

While doing my degree at college I used pbwiki, however I thought it was too restrictive. We have been using Dokuwiki for a while now and it has been more that satisfactory. The best part is that you can search for 3 or less letters so if you want to find any pages with SQL, because it's searching text files rather than a database.